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Broom Stand

Efficient Broom Stands

In the quest for a well-organized and functional living or working space, broom stands stand out as indispensable tools. Designed to securely hold brooms, mops, and other cleaning essentials upright, these stands for broom not only ensure easy accessibility but also contribute significantly to maintaining a clutter-free environment. Whether in homes, offices, restaurants, supermarkets, or any commercial setting, broom stands play a crucial role in enhancing cleanliness and efficiency.

Design and Materials

Stand For Broom

Broom stands come in various designs and materials to cater to diverse preferences and requirements. Plastic broomstick stands offer lightweight and affordable options, ideal for basic storage needs in supermarkets or shops. They are often compact and easy to move around, making them suitable for smaller spaces like utility closets or kitchen corners. On the other hand, stainless steel broom stands are prized for their durability and sleek appearance. They provide robust support for heavier cleaning tools and are resistant to rust, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in shops and supermarkets. Wooden jhadu stands offer a classic, rustic charm and are popular for their sturdy construction and aesthetic appeal, blending well with traditional or farmhouse-style decor.

Key Features and Benefits

Sturdy Construction

Designed to prevent tipping over, ensuring stability even when loaded with multiple cleaning tools.

Organizational Efficiency

Multiple slots or hooks accommodate brooms, mops, dusters, and other cleaning accessories, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible in shops and supermarkets.

Maintenance and Care

Easy-to-clean surfaces ensure hassle-free upkeep, maintaining the broom stand's appearance and functionality over time.


Compact designs that maximize storage efficiency, perfect for apartments, offices, or any area with limited space.

Enhanced Cleaning Routine

Promotes a systematic approach to cleaning by providing dedicated storage for essential tools, encouraging regular maintenance and tidiness.

Integrating Broom Stands into Your Space

Whether you're revamping your home storage solutions or outfitting a commercial cleaning supply closet, broom stands offer versatile solutions that align with your organizational goals. In homes, they streamline daily cleaning routines by centralizing cleaning tools in one accessible location. In offices or restaurants, they contribute to a professional atmosphere by ensuring that janitorial supplies are neatly stored and readily available for use.

Broom Stand


Usage/Application Supermarkets, Grocery Store
Storage Details Open Storage
Size 3x1 Feet
Color Any
Material Iron
Weight Tolerance Capacity 100 Kg
Rack Type Free Standing Unit
Delivery Time 1 Week

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Choosing the Right Broomstick Stand

When selecting a broom stand for shop or supermarket, consider factors such as the number and types of cleaning tools you need to store, the available space for placement, and the overall aesthetic of your interior. Modern designs often feature adjustable hooks or removable dividers, allowing customization to fit varying sizes of brooms and mops. Some jhadu stands also incorporate additional storage compartments or trays for cleaning solutions or accessories, further enhancing their utility.

Broom Stand Models

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