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Textile And Garments Racks 001

Textile And Garments Racks 001

Revolutionize the way you organize and display your textiles and garments with our specially designed Textile and Garments Racks. From boutiques to closets, these racks are crafted to seamlessly blend style and functionality, providing a chic solution for showcasing and organizing your fashion treasures.


Product Specification
Usage/Application Supermarkets, Grocery Store
Height 6 Feet
Width Customized
Color Any
Material Mild Steel
Weight Tolerance Capacity 100 Kg
Rack Type Free Standing Unit
Delivery Time 1 Week
Key Features:
  1. Fashionable Display: Elevate your style game with a fashionable display for your textiles and garments. Our racks are designed to turn your wardrobe or retail space into a chic showcase, allowing your fashion pieces to take the center stage.
  2. Versatile Storage: Whether you’re organizing a boutique’s latest collection or enhancing your home closet, our racks offer versatile storage options. Hang dresses, display accessories, or organize folded garments with ease, adapting to the unique needs of your fashion collection.
  3. Durable Elegance: Our Textile and Garments Racks combine durability with elegance. The sturdy construction ensures that your garments are securely displayed, maintaining their pristine condition while adding a touch of sophistication to your space.
  4. Space Optimization: Maximize your storage space with a smart and efficient design. Our racks are crafted to make the most of your available space, whether you’re organizing a boutique showroom or revamping your personal wardrobe.
  5. Easy Accessibility: Streamline your daily fashion choices with easy accessibility. Our racks provide a user-friendly layout, allowing you to quickly find and select the perfect outfit for any occasion.


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